Road Work: Signs 3

We can learn a lot from road work signs. On a recent road trip, I saw this succession of signage as I went down the highway:

  • Road Work Ahead
  • Road Work 1000 ft.
  • Road Work Next 5 Miles
  • Uneven Lanes
  • Road Work Next 2 Miles
  • End Road Work

More people should operate with this sort of mentality. When working on a project or new assignment, tell people what they should expect (Road Work Ahead). Then tell them when to expect it (Road Work 1000 ft.). Then let them know how long it is going to last (Road Work Next 5 Miles). If their work is going to change to accommodate the project, let them know (Uneven Lanes) and provide updates along the way (Road Work Next 2 Miles). Finally, let them know when the project is over and they can resume their normal responsibilities (End Road Work).

This is the third installment of a seemingly random string of posts on signs and other meanings they could pose for our lives.