Right Place, Right Time

“Right place, right time.”

People often say this or some close variation to reflect on an opportunity they earned where they felt like luck or circumstances played a key part in their success.

This thinking suffers from being half (or maybe a third) of the story and it’s self-effacing. There are plenty of circumstances where we are in the right place at the right time, but still aren’t ready.

Give yourself some credit.

  • We need to have learned the applicable skills.
  • We must have cultivated strategic relationships.
  • We need to have made the decisions that set us on the correct path.
  • We must have lived through unique experiences that shaped us and helped us grow.

Right place, right time, applicable skills and learning, strategic relationships, accurate decisions, and unique experiences.

Privilege also undoubtedly plays a role here. As a straight, white, cis-gender male, I write from a place that acknowledges my privilege. My experience lacks the same constraints as folks in marginalized communities. The systemic racism, sexism, and other discrimination play a major part for many individuals as they experience the story above.

Sure, this doesn’t have the same ring to it as “right place, right time”, but it all plays a part in our luck.