Family Time (at work)

A previous leader of mine liked to kick off meetings with ‘family time’ as a few minutes to check in and connect. Here are some suggested family time or icebreaker prompts that keep things professional and positive.

  • Email (incoming or outgoing) that you’re most proud of from the past week
  • Picture of your workspace
  • Personal win for the week
  • Professional win for the week
  • One question driving you nuts this week
  • Best article/tweet/post/book/passage that you’ve read in the past week
  • Any books you’ve read multiple times/movies you’ve watched multiple times
  • If you could only bring one album with you to a desert island?
  • Invited to a potluck tomorrow, what do you bring?
  • You can have a lifetime supply of one day of meals, but it’s the only thing you can eat everyday.
  • Your favorite thing about working for [School/District/Organization].
  • Your favorite thing about being a [job role].
  • Your favorite thing about working in [education].
  • One thing you wish you were better at or could improve on.

Using something like this every time you connect with a group will go a long way in promoting a positive culture.

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