Creating or consuming…

Think about the amount of time people spend consuming content and media in all its forms and flavors- taking in the latest blockbuster about a future dystopian society, watching cat videos on YouTube, or binge-watching 7 seasons of Game of Thrones. Most people choose what they will consume and enjoy consuming that content (or they are totally and hopelessly addicted to it).

Now imagine being a student who, in addition to that time spent consuming engaging content and media at home, are then consuming additional content for 7.5 hours/day in areas that they aren’t passionate about or that they struggle in.

Now imagine that instead of consuming 70 hours of content per week, students were given more and more opportunities to CREATE and DISCOVER.

An engaged reader might ask how many hours the ideal split is for creating and consuming. A better writer and researcher might give you statistics on the amount of time spent consuming versus the time spent creating.

This much is true: we can do better. Create more, consume less. Give our students the chance to MAKE something today.