Building On-Ramps

I was driving down the turnpike and I noticed that there were two different areas where new exits were being built, which also means that there were new on-ramps being added to get onto the turnpike. The scale of that type of project is impressive. The number of workers and the amount of heavy equipment and the length of the projects are impressive. That made me think about accessibility and schools.

When do we decide to build a new on-ramp for our students? For roads, it may be through traffic analysis and the determination. Often times in education, we build new on-ramps when we have a special case that requires some new attention to detail or a method we haven’t used before, but if we are paying close enough attention to ALL of our students, we should be able to be dynamically building on ramps in the moments our students need them. The benefit of on-ramps in education for building skills and gaining knowledge is that the costs are low and the timeframe is short.